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You have reached the home of Igor Konstantinov and Vjatjeslav Molotov. Here You can read all about their background and how they will win a gold medal in the World Championships 1998.

Where does CCCP come from ?

Springing from the coalmines in the deepest of Siberia, the two Slaughterball wizards have finally come in contact with the outside world. They have trained about 6 hours a day ( not counting their heavy duties in the mine ) and are in excellent condition.

Many of their strokes will be new, unpleasant surprises to the competitors. "- We were forced to alter our way to play. When using rocks instead of balls, the ballistics makes You invent the game again. We have some really nasty 'missiles' in our repertoire" says Igor from the camp in Stockholm. Vjatjeslav continues "Da. The other teams will either have to duck or die !".

What makes their game different ?

Igor explains: "-We found that the normal positioning, front-back or left-right, left a lot to desire. We have developed a new setup during the play that is both multi-flexible and scalable. We will introduce this in the final rounds, so that our competitors won't have time to copy us". Vjatjeslav adds "Da. The other teams will either have to duck or die !".

How CCCP will become Champions ?

"-That is quite simple" Igor continues. "-When starting the game, we will use our serves to crush our opponents. The few times they actually return a ball - CCCP will directly re-group to defense position and smash back." Or as Vjatjeslav puts it: "Da. The other teams will either have to duck or die !".
                                                  Last update: June 20, 1998