The reporter got lost with Snow White early Friday morning and would never return to complete the chronicles. You'll have to figure it out Yourselves.

Ihreviken Thursday, July 2

The 1998 World Championships has finally opened its doors for the 9th consecutive year. Last night Sledge and Hammer arrived with the late ferry, shortly after Kebne-Kaknes landed in Sweden again. Finally, the last ones to join the crowds was a confused Empire-Eiffel and Burt and of course Bud, the rookie.

After the traditional registration and the players association brief the first match finally began. Flying Carpenters and Team Surplus clashed under the cheers from the very knowledgeable crowd. A world-class performance, which became a four set battle. The handymen were victorious and so the circuit was on its way. Please find todayís results by clicking on the link below.

After an exhausting day on court, preparations were made to visit the local pub. Red Dream, who is the local Casanova, already secured a safe thing and was caught in the act noring with Snow White, the inflatable doll with attractive cavities (3). The others are jealously looking on and wishing they were in his shoes ( or briefs ). Unfortunately, with Snow White taken out of the smorgasbord, little is left for them to make a pass on.

Ihreviken Wednesday, July 1

The day began with a long sleep-in for the tired boys, amused themselves royally the first night. The only one, who got up early was Red Dream, who, as usual had a trotting magazine in his hand straight away. The others joined up at 10:00.

There were many chores to be done this morning, so an army of slaughterballers went in to Visby to do their shopping and bet on the trotters. Many players arrived by ferry: Crazy Gunnar, Lobbo-Tony, Hannibal & Clark.

Most of them later went to work on their match appearances (which will be seen on scanned photos on this site soon).Some newly arrived practised on the court before it was time to get drunk.

The weather in Ihreviken (German for 'Your bay') was cool and miserable all day. Hazy with some rain and the clouds just wouldn't burst....

The evening session progressed as expected. There was slaughterball discussed by all and many a beer was consumed.

We still havenít reached the desired and heavenly state of drunken chaos yet, but more players are still due to arrive....Read all about it tomorrow!