The Flying Carpenters

Sledge *** Hammer

Two experienced oldtimers in one and the same team. And they're both tall as well. Being former Champions does not make things worse either. We know they keep fit, cultivating and harvesting in their backyards all their spare time. If this team can live up to small percentage of what their merits promise, they will make many competitors suffer on their way to the finals.

Sledge is known for his Stonehenge like figure by the net. He can totally dominate the half meter above the net when in sync with the game. However, when lack of concentration sets in, he can become a real papier-mâché player, barely standing his ground. But we fear the Sledge will prove an efficient weapon in combination with...

...the Hammer. With the longest arms in Christendom, this double Champion can dig up any ball with delicate accuracy. As a backbone in any team, little is needed to complement him in taking it to the top. But, as with most players, there is one obvious weakness. In Hammers case, it's his uncontrollable temper. Little needs to be said and done to get him out of balance, by when he becomes a Mr. Hyde with no control of his play.

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