Hans Schniffler / Horst Schmecker

Schmutswaffe is without doubt the most experienced and decorated team this year. We've counted to 5 individual gold medals and 5 silver medals. These guys totally ruled the slaughteball in the early 90's. However, we have noticed that their stardom is declining.

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Hans Schniffler has succeeded to maintain some staying power in his decline. But it has been 5 long years since he last touched gold. Hans has lately had the discomfort of ageing disgracefully. He is fat, stiff and only talks about training, never conducts it. But he will probably be more motivated to win this year than in the past. This time he has a good chance, he's got...

Horst !! But is he anything to have ?? He is stuck in his Haegen Dasz abuse and seems to be beyond recovery. Horst has been in a constant shellshock condition ever since the Quarter Final collapse in '96. And he has continued on the path of loosing every Quarter Final since that. This time it's different. The new 7-team system can get Schmutswaffe ready for the Semi Final by winning the Qualifying Rounds. You can bet a Cookies & Cream that Horst will aim for that.