Team Titan

Meka Nism   Drai Hop

Player 1: Meka Nism ( Fredda Sabel )
Player 2: Drai Hop ( Freddy Johansson )

Played together before: Yes, as Fabulous Fredds

Merits:  3 gold medals and 3 silver medals (Fredda)

Charachters based on: Themselves actually. They are living proof of modern medical technology, as they are completely rebuilt due to imperfect joint and bone structures from birth.

Will win the championships because: As long as no rain jeperdizes their performance (rust, electrical failiure etc), they will be unmoved by fatigue. Everlasting  as energizer bunnies.

Wach out for:  Metal detectors going off without warning.  Sharp objects shooting out of their limbs. Rusty underware.