Childish Oldtimers

Ego *** Red Dream

These geezers will have little to do with the title, regardless
of what the ranking says. Red Dream declares he is training 
constantly at Camp Aros and keeping track on the calories. Ego
has been reported to build more love-handles than strength during 
his trips to Croatia. We can clearly see that any misguided 
slaughterball fan would think the best of any team including
Big Ego, but we now know that his era is on the rebound.

Ego is Mr. Slaughterball with everyone in the old crew. Maybe old
is exactly the best way to reflect his present condition. He is now
way past 30 and has probably seen his best days on the court.
He can, of course, never be disregarded - as Ego is the most
talented player the play has seen. He brilliantly compensate his
extreme shortness and rather bulky body with catlike movements
when playing. Our own little 'Power-trooper'.

Red Dream has been noticed more for his behaviour outside the game
more than anything else lately. But check out his backtrack, You'll
see that he is a rising star. Two consecutive bronze medals speaks
for itself. We hope that the audience will see more of his talent on
the center court this year than on backdoor videos.

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