Verner Aski / Verner Kloti

Two recent golden boys has teamed up. But as Cooksuckers they will have to prove their true value - as they've both won their latest Championships with former Beaver Brothers ( Yeah, living Legends ! ). Will a balanced diet of the two chefs be a winning recipe ? We'll just have to wait to be served...

Verner Aski has been seen as an ex-athlete by many, but proved them all wrong last summer. He showed improved skills in the areas of tactics and net play. Still needs too much ground to start to serve ( which is bad if you are a cook ), but his great waffles might be a smash hit !!

Verner Kloti has been a professional Slaughterball player for only 3 years. And it was not by chance he won gold in his second attempt. This man has a great fighter instinct to match the smooth action in the sand. Is the only thing that has been keeping him from winning more, the former Berrybrother ( who he played, and lost, with twice ) ? That remains to be seen.