Team Surplus

Cheap-Ove *** Crazy Gunnar

Would probably have been one of the favorites in this years Championship. But as an unfortunate old injury has interfered with the teams preparations, this ranking has to be reconsidered. As far as the experts can tell, they still have a weakness when it comes to motivating the rookie, Crazy Gunnar. It is always hard to be a rookie in Slaughterball.

If You were to pick one player with both body and brains, chances are that You would end up with Cheap-Ove. This veteran seems uncapable of turning old and heavy, whereas most of his buddy's are in a steep decline. We think he will continue his streak of luck and at least reach a semi final in this tournament.

From out of nowhere comes the hunter man with one eye. You will of course expect a rookie to have a rather mediocre first season, but we are not sure this player can be taken that lightly. Given time to understand all the moves, he might become a nasty surprise in the finals to anyone who underestimates him.

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