Ragnar Sell / Arne Avfall

The Garbage is not as much white thrash as it seems. The team will be highly ranked due to a wide spectrum of abilities. But they still have a lot to prove. How will they work together as a team ? None of these guys has showed any prime Slaugherballing in a good while...

Ragnar is a long time favourite of the crowd. Unfortunately, it is not his ability to play that makes him a loved player. Rather his skill to psyche any opponent into smithereens. No way stopping that wide mouth !! Lets see if he has improved his physical condition up to par with his psychological. Then he might prove leathal.

Arne is a great guy. He is too great to be good, one could say. In the former days, when he used to win a lot of games ( two gold medals among all ), he was quick and slim. Now he has built up so much strength that he is more likely to break the lines of the center court rather than hitting the ball. And what happens if he actually hits the ball ? Will the ball withstand that assembled amount of raw power in his swinging arm ?