Igor Konstantinov *** Vjatjeslav Molotov

From Siberia comes these two mineworkers with a horrible reputation. Having trained something that is similar to Slaughterball, using rocks instead of the softish ball, they have a roughness almost un-matched by any other team. Bulletins from TASS has promised a new era in the Championship history. CCCP will be a very interesting acquaintance.

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Since the early days of Slaughterball, Igor Konstantinov has been ranked among the top players. But the results presents a star in decline. This year, the merited double champion will have to show some improvement - or he'll be in major trouble ! He has developed a new overhead serve which might prove difficult for the competitors to decipher.

Vjatjeslav Molotov has much to prove. He is known for his brutal net play and advanced smashing, but the moments of brilliance are unfortunately too far apart. If the training in Siberia has given him some better strength to last a full game, this player might enjoy his best WC ever. But stay away from the Vodka.

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