Rendon / Aranda

The Refdevils ( A short eqvivalent to Swedish for Bloody Referees ) has a lot to prove. Dressed in black, with no ability to wave their cards to much use, they are left to use their talent. Can they muster all that strength needed to become a top team ?? It all comes down to if these two individuals can work as solid unit.

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John Jaira Toro Rendon is a legend in the soccer-world. But what good can he accomplish in the Slaughterball arena ? Behind the psuedonym hides a double gold medalist with a full decade track-record. He is always ranked amongst the top players and hard competitor to anyone. As long as he keeps his spirit - he keeps them balls flying.

José-Maria Garcia Aranda is another "semi-rookie" in this years tournament. Out of the play last year due to a injury, he's now back on the attack. But will that neck hold the full three days ?? Has he improved his lack of strength in serving ? The lethargy of this man could prove a weakness to the whole team. How well prepared is he ?