Clark *** Hannibal

When studying the history books, You'll find that these two players has been matched together before. In their last championship, the result was poor or maybe even a disaster. That depressing reading can be found elsewhere on this site. This year both the Chaingangers has been training better and they might have a better chance.

If Clark could focus on the Slaughterball in the same way he has built his body to the extreme, he could become a top player again. With his former years in the absolute elite, many spectators demand that he regain the throne of Slaugtherball. Is this guy up to the job ?

Out of nowhere, Hannibal found strength to become a Champion last year. Those who know this powerpack from the south, knows that he is a stubborn and mean bastard, completely lacking the option to surrender. You can press this man's face up the arse of an elephant, asking him to give up - he will only shrug and eat his way out.

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