Gunno Gummi / Clas Cassler

Two players that miss the gold status of a World Champion. As the factor of sheer hunger plays a vital part in the outcome of a game, we cannot neglect them Coppers in this years Championship. On the other hand, they are not up to the same standards as the other players

Gunno is one of the rookie players this year. As there is no new players to spit at, he will have to take most of the downpour, despite the fact that he has done a full Championship already. He is still in development and can prove to be a factor to reckon with. Actually, he needs to prove that now.

Clas Cassler still stands as the biggest broken promise of modern Slaugtherball. He has the moves, the mental strength, the team spirit provision. He even got small feet. But he never manages to get to the end of a tournament. Always found drunk among spectators or in the referee chair late on Saturday afternoon. Sometimes both. Can he ever become killer enough ??