Snow Whites Dwarfs

Empire-Eiffel *** Kebne-Kaknaes

With an official height of two meters, the net will become a major obstacle for these two shorties to overcome. We know from their earlier seasons that they are both top players with many talents. If the players can keep up their stamina throughout the entire Championship, they have a little chance to compensate the poor average height of the dwarfs.

The little gangster with a big heart ( and bladder ) !! With the sudden improvement in his play, he was very close to win a gold medal in 1997. If he can find that momentum again, Empire-Eiffel will have a good chance to repeat last years success. If he can manage to get over the lines and onto the court, that is.

Big dynamite server, or at least we think so. This former champion has had many ups and downs in his career. You never know if Kebne-Kaknaes will have one of his mystic low seasons right in the middle of the Slaughterball Championship. It could be a disease or it could just be caused by the uninspiring company. If it's the latter, we know the chances are better, as Empire-Eiffel is an old, dear friend.

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