Barney / Bam Bam

The Flintstones Rocks ! But hard as they may be, they also need to be quick. Which they are not. If health issues might be a small part when analysing the other teams, this is major item here. The Flintstones are put in quarantine a few days before every public performance. But after that, they are free to roam the Slaughterball arena. Ya-ba-da-ba-doo !!!

Barney is a new man ! Not new to the game, not incarnated, just that he's made a drastic change to his lifestyle. Or so he says. If this has had any effect on his game remains to be seen. We remember him as a short but speedy player with a magnificent serve technique. We do not know if he has invented any new moves, but we would hate to miss the old ones. Entertaining when focused.

Bam Bam is known to hang around the bar most of his spare time. It is only natural. The man lives on beer only, and is the initiator of the Slaughterbeer tap. Besides this, he has participated in 9 consecutive World Championships without ever winning one. Time for a change ?