Rounds Operational    

Player 1:    Dr. Gnu      ( Jens Iwarson )
Player 2:    Docent E    ( Mats Elvesjö )

Played together before:  No

Merits:  4 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals - 699.000 SEK

Charachters based on:
As they both actually are recognized and premiered within the medical field in real life, the medical theme was not far fetched. Dr. Gnu has been the first "real life" surgeon to appear in a Swedish television show. With many "Guldbagge" nominations, he walked away with the "Best male TV actor" award 2001. Docent E did the first live transplant of a brain at Uppsala Akademiska a few months ago, and the patient successfully made a recovery in mere 9 weeks. A potential recipient for the Medical Nobel Price later this year.  
Will win the championships because:
The obvious talent of  an absolute body control, makes them more exact in all different areas of the game. Scalpel sharp tactics will make them the Champions of this Slaughtermania.

Wach out for:
Docent E has a devistating smash and grab style. Dr Gnu only have to use his UNDDP (ultimate net domination division pass), and the competion is out.