Lost Lobos

LoboTommy *** LobboTony

When this team was drawn at the winter conference, we
where pretty sure we had all found this years thrashers. 
They will not stand much of a chance in the hard overall
competition, but You just never know - one only have to 
win the last three games...

Lobotommy has still not made that final breakthrough 
all experts has been awaiting for such a long time. We 
have no clue what exactly is missing from his game,
and we would be very surprised if he knows himself.

Back in the majors again, we will follow this player
closely in his new environment. LobboTony has a rather 
weak track record to show, but managed to knock one 
favourite team out of the ´96 tournament. But he needs 
to be better than that if he wants to play the medals.

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