Wallenberg / Barnevik

The Tycoons are ranked up with best this year. If the center court was to be compared with Wall Street, these guys are Gordon Gekko's. Team - Execute - Win !! No stopping them now. Can they make this years Final into a hostile takeover ?

Wallenberg is one of the most spectacular players the game has seen. Somewhat like Balestreros, he is the type of guy You just never know where he stands. It is like he can win whenever he chooses, but he never knows how to choose. Last year was a setback for the Golden Boy. This year he is back, with a vengeance !

Barnevik is a shy individual, who always manage to stay away from the camera lights during the Slaughterball Championships. This has also made him a very hard player to analyze. Last year he managed to get a Silver medal much to the experts surprise. If this really is the talent his bank statement suggests, he may be in an executive position after this tournament.