The Constructors

Burt *** Bud

This is a very interesting team. We find a golden boy in companion with a total rookie. With a minimum of preparation, The Constructors will still stand a good chance to reach a front position in this Championship. The team certainly benefits from the fact that the qualifying rounds are non-terminative. That will give them time to do some training without risking to be out of the tournament before they're a tight unit.

Burt has made it to the finals for two consecutive years, and won one of them. Since his nerves are not all that good, he must come to terms with his relation to the spectators. That done, he will take his responsibility to match his fellow rookie towards the slaughterball throne. Extreme span-width coupled with powerful ball control are typical features of this slaughterboy.

Little can be said about this newcomer. He has been an active soccer player in the past - and might still be. It is a fact that this guy has been a spectator a couple of times, he his familiar with both the play and the environment and will, due to that, have the advantage to be able to focus on Slaughterball techniques. There's a new rookie in town - and he might become a first year miracle.

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